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The Importance of Energy Certification

What is Energy Certification for?

The Energy Certificate verifies a building's efficiency using a predetermined scale, with A+ denoting exceptionally efficient performance and F denoting inefficient performance. It is a legally required document provided in digital form by an expert licensed by ADENE, the Energy Agency, for new construction and buildings undergoing intervention works. The Energy Certificate, which has a validity of 10 years, is currently one of the documents required by the Notaries, Land Registry Or even through the Casa Pronta service at the time of purchase and sale of a property. If you do not have this document, you will not be able to proceed with the business and consequently do the Deed. In addition, this document is required for leases.

To evaluate the property's classification in terms of comfort, health, and energy consumption connected to air conditioning and sanitary hot water, in addition to this component, the Energy Certification is crucial. The technician's report included recommendations for improving the energy usage of the home, which can be changed by adding energy-efficient windows or beefing up insulation.

For both residential and commercial buildings, there are two energy certification types. Depending on the State's published pricing, the use of the property, and the certifying professional's costs, the cost of the application for the document varies. The cost also depends on the typology from T0 to T6 or above; and in the case of commercial and industrial buildings, where the value is based on the square footage.

When seeking a specialists make sure that he/she is registered and recognized by ADENE.

You need to provide the following documents in order to do the evaluation:

  • the floor plans;

  • the urban building handbook (caderneta predial urbana);

  • the certificate of registration in the conservatory (registo predial);

  • the technical data sheet for the residence.

The new certificate should be available within two to three days, at most.

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