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Scams by MB WAY: how they work and what to do to protect yourself

Updated: Jul 14

Such a useful and practical service is often a target of fraudulent schemes. Learn how MB WAY scams work and what you can do to avoid them.

MB WAY is a mobile phone application that allows you to use an ATM. Because of its broad use, mb way scams are becoming more common, hurting people who are less familiar with new technology and those who lack certain digital and even financial literacy.

SIBS guarantees that the system is secure. However, a lack of information can lead to misrepresentation, making people more vulnerable to fraud.

According to the MB WAY´s page, "the service uses security protocols and algorithms to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data communicated, processed, and stored in accordance with the latest and most demanding European security standards."

Furthermore, all conversations and transactions are "monitored by a team totally dedicated to fraud prevention and detection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year."

Even so, if you use or are considering using MB WAY, it is critical to be aware of the hazards and know how to protect yourself.


Platforms for buying and selling articles among individuals, such as OLX, Cost Fair, or Facebook MarketPlace, are typically the most popular for this type of scam, despite the ill intents of some users.

Almost always, contact is initiated under the pretext of a business transaction. The scammer is eager to buy something right away and suggests to the vendor, in this case the victim, that the payment be made through MB WAY since it is quicker and faster.

Method 1 - used when the victim does not have MB WAY

The scammer takes advantage of the victim's lack of knowledge about the platform to persuade the victim to go to an ATM to join MB WAY.

He then explains that it is necessary to associate his bank account with his/her contact so that he can proceed with the payment of the item. And thus convinced that she is only authorizing a move, the victim ends up giving free access to his bank account.

The scammer can then use the app to make withdrawals (from the victim's account) at any ATM or transmit money from this account to other accounts.

Method 2 - used when the victim already has MB WAY

Suspects can also request the victim's MB WAY-linked mobile phone number in order to make the payment, telling them that they will receive a message confirming their value as soon as the transaction is completed.

The fraudster, on the other hand, uses the MB WAY app to send a message that says "Ask for money" rather than "Send money," in a quantity that is proportional to the price of the item to be purchased. And, to add to the deception's credibility, he sends a free message that reads something like this: "MB WAY has received a €500 transfer order for your phone number. Do you agree to the money being sent to your account?"

By accepting, the victim is sending this value to the scammer's account, rather than the other way around, as one might assume.

If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, call the police right away.

There will undoubtedly be other methods or modifications that we are unaware of in this post, thus every caution is advised.


To avoid being a victim of this type of fraud, follow these steps:

• Never add a phone number to your bank account that is not yours or that you are not aware of.

• Do not take advice from strangers to join the MB WAY service or perform any other transaction, and do not give them your data or codes.

• Never reply with your confidential or personal data to emails or SMS, even if they appear to be authentic;

• If in doubt, ask a family member or friend for assistance or call your bank or account manager;

• If you receive any message that sounds strange to you, you should report the incident using the MB WAY chat so that the team can investigate;

• Check your bank account statement on a regular basis to ensure that there are no suspicious bank transactions.

Lost your phone or tablet with the MB WAY app installed?

If you have the MB WAY app installed on other devices, you may use More > Settings > My devices to disable or even remove your account from a lost or stolen device.

You can cancel the app on an ATM terminal, using the card that's associated with the app, or with your bank if you don't have it on any other equipment.

Lost the card that gives access to the MB WAY app?

In that scenario, you must cancel the card as quickly as possible. This is something you can do with your bank. SIBS can be contacted if you have any queries about this matter (808 201 251 or 217 918 780).

Can you hold the bank responsible for scams through MB WAY?

The scams perpetrated by MB WAY, according to DECO – Consumer Protection Association, cannot be blamed on the banks or SIBS, the business that invented and operates the service (and whose shareholders are the banks), because the fraudsters are actively involved, even if they are unaware of the facts.

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