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Driver's licence and Citizen Card on your phone have the same value as a real document.


Legislation already in effect states that digital papers like driver's licences and citizen cards that are accessible through the mobile application and digital wallet have the same legal validity as physical documents.


An modification to Law 19-A/2024, which was issued last Wednesday and went into effect the following day, grants the documents that are available in the digital wallet the same legal validity as those that are physically present.


With that application, "documents, titles or licences in digital format and respective data presented in real time to third parties in national territory" are deemed to "conform to the original documents, having equal legal and probative value," according to this legislative modification.


With the help of the mobile app, you can save, view, and share information from identification documents that are available on the app using your smartphone.


Nationals with an active Digital Mobile Key (CMD) can add identification documents issued by the Portuguese State for Portuguese citizens to the app. Examples of these documents include the ADSE health card for public employees, the Driving Licence, the Documento Único Automóvel (DUA), and the Citizen's Card.


With the help of this Public Administration application, which uses the Digital Mobile Key for authentication, you can reproduce a valid and certified image of your identification documents and save and access them at any time.

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