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The best workout to do when lacking motivation

Winter days are typically shorter, which naturally has a big impact on energy levels. The desire to exercise vanishes at that point. For this reason, specialists suggest low-impact workouts rather than weight training.


Personal trainers specifically advise LISS workouts, or "low-intensity steady state" exercises. It's "a modern method that involves performing a cardiovascular activity such as walking, jogging, or cycling at low intensity over a continuous period of time." 


Long-lasting heart rate elevation is achieved with this type of exercise. "While LISS activities can be done in the gym or at home, many people prefer to go outside and sweat it out".

Indeed, "being outdoors is a great way to boost your energy levels, fight seasonal depression, absorb some vitamin D and get some fresh air at the same time."


Lastly, because these workouts typically last between thirty and sixty minutes, they are convenient to perform after a demanding workout or on days when you are feeling particularly exhausted or unmotivated.

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