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The best destinations to experience Carnival

Have you started preparing your costume for Carnival 2024? You can be anyone you want at this time of year, which makes it the funniest hilarious season. Furthermore, you are mistaken if you believe that this is a custom reserved for the youngest. Go forth and celebrate life in colour by taking a chance and making the funniest mask. Carnival takes place on the 13th of February, which is Valentine's Day eve, in this leap year. It's a wonderful chance to enjoy the celebrations together, perhaps in matching costumes.


Worldwide, the festivities draw people to the streets who enjoy dressing up in elaborate and lifelike carnival costumes. Astonishing choreographies are prepared by samba schools, and spectators who enjoy watching Carnival parades pick their costumes carefully—they ought to be unique, distinctive, and really comfortable so you can dance the night away.


If you're still unsure about where to host Carnival in 2024, we've provided you with a list of ideas for gatherings that will spark conversation both inside and outside of Portugal. To fully embrace the spirit of Carnival, get inspired by our suggestions and begin packing your luggage right away. And without guilt, since this is the moment to enjoy yourself, costume or age. "At Carnival, nobody gets offended," people say.


Estarreja Carnival: the first in the world for color blind people

Portugal never ceases to astound, demonstrating this time that different people have different perspectives on the world. Furthermore, the Estarreja Carnival is renowned as a singular event packed with colour, spectacle, and good times in the centre of Portugal.


This funfair, which has its origins in popular culture, is notable for its float parades, masquerade groups, and active community involvement. The procession, which is full of colour, inventiveness, and light, is especially striking at night.


In light of this and the desire to give every guest the same feeling, a Portuguese man came up with the concept of inclusivity through colour. He implemented the Colour Identification Code for Colour Blind People, making this the first funfair in history to do so.


Loulé Carnival: Algarve tradition and exuberance

In the centre of the Algarve, Loulé is transformed into a quirky, traditional funfair. The floats display the inventiveness and inventiveness of the people living in the city as they parade through the streets. It is a blend of nostalgia and custom that sticks in the minds of onlookers.


Colour, music, and animation come to the streets as Algarve folklore and the holiday spirit blend together, nearly forgetting the winter months. Days of intensive celebration are anticipated to extend longer. Curious visitors to the Algarve in February may anticipate a warm, lively and friendly atmosphere at the Loulé Carnival.


A fully immersive event that includes live performances, a masquerade competition, and vibrant, age-appropriate parades. Get ready for Carnival and make your way to the Algarve.


Torres Vedras: the most Portuguese carnival in Portugal

Would you believe us if we told you that there are folks in Torres Vedras who fantasise about Carnival every single year? Well, those who enjoy this joyous time of year prepare for it seriously, beginning on the final day of the previous year's Carnival celebration.


It is referred to as the most Portuguese Carnival in Portugal and has already acclimated guests to a festive atmosphere infused with political satire. As one of the most well-liked Carnival costumes, 'Matrafonas' draw attention to themselves and create some very funny moments.


It's a time when day and night blend together since the celebration lasts long into the night and some people dress differently every day. Decked up, the people flock outside to see the joyful march of Corsicans led by the well-known "cabeçudos" and "Zé Pereiras" as they shout to the upbeat music. The Torres Vedras Carnival promises to keep the celebration going from the first to the last day, so bring your dancing shoes.


Carnival in Ovar: the capital of revelry

It would be unnecessary to add anything more to the well-known title of "Capital of Carnival" for the city of Ovar, which is situated in a gorgeous region of Northern Portugal. But this funfair festivity is worthy of all the spotlight. You should go there at least once in your lifetime to experience its Carnival customs and distinctively themed parades.


The "Trios Elétricos" add energy to the streets, and the well-known "Cabeçudos" provide residents and tourists with an amazing visual show. An unparalleled experience is created when contemporary entertainment blends with long-standing customs.


Groups of people wearing masks are meticulously adorned and decorated on the floats, showing their excitement to the music and encouraging the onlookers. The "Royal Procession" is the main event, where the carnival's queen and king lead the procession and astonish the people. You must visit Ovar if you'd want to take part in an amazing Carnival that is appropriate for people of all ages.

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