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Nude tones: 5 winning combinations

The trend of painting walls in the well-known combination of brown and grey nude tones first appeared in our homes many years ago. Here are 5 ideas to combine them in the right way:

Taupe is referred to as "dove colour" in Italian, and the Pantone Institute's colour wheel offers it to us in all diferente shades, from brown, sand, grey, beige, and more or less dark pink. But how can we use them to colour a wall?

  1. As the sole colour in what will be our feature wall.

  2. Combined with other cold colours like white and blue.

  3. Paired with each other (bright colour + dark colour).

1. A space with pale toupe walls

Start with this space, which has light grey walls that are ideal for Scandinavian-style furniture and soft materials in pastel like powder pink and green.

2. A room with walls that are taupe and white

The taupe and white striped wall can be a good choice for a shabby chic, cosy, contemporary setting because it already "gives body" to the entire environment. It should be incorporated into a setting that also features:

  • walls that are very light in colour, leaning toward white;

  • simplicity and minimalism in the choice of accessories;

  • furniture in neutral colours and made of natural materials like wood, bamboo, and rattan.

3. A space with beige walls

Beige bedroom walls call for extra care because the combination runs the risk of "flattening" the space, especially if the furniture has a similar colour spectrum. There are two recommendations in this situation:

  1. To generate contrast, choose a floor made of porcelain stoneware or dark wood parquet.

  2. To add movement to the space, use a peach coloured wallpaper behind the headboard.

4. A room with cream and beige walls

Beige and cream walls in spaces with both traditional and contemporary design are another challenging and adored combination. The key in this situation is to use a light cream colour that does not hang very heavily on the yellow tones.

5. A space with pink and taupe walls

Last but not least, the most elegant and opulent colour scheme: pink taupe on the wall behind the headboard and grey desert dove on the room's vertical and horizontal walls, which create contrast and an incredible sense of continuity. But watch out for the lights, which can alter the chosen colours based on the color's temperature.

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