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How to decorate marquees to enjoy the summer indoors

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

There are plenty of unique ideas for updating your marquee, regardless of whether you have a vast space or a little corner.

A balcony is usually beneficial in a home (whether open or closed, marquee type). Nothing beats being able to relax and unwind in this environment. Keep an eye out for these ideas to decorate the marquee and enjoy the summer not only outdoors but also indoors.

When it comes to decorating, the key is to consider the space available, the ambience you want to create, and the purpose you want to give it. A gym? A garden? A workplace? Here are some suggestions:

Having a home vegetable garden

There are numerous advantages to having a vegetable garden at home, regardless of its size: it produces oxygen, regulates temperature, and improves your mood, among other things. As a result, planting plants in the marquee is an option to consider. They can be grown in window boxes, on the floor, or in hanging vases.

Pallets are both inexpensive and efficient

In the worlds of design and DIY, wooden pallets are very popular. Everything from sofas to beds to vegetable plots can be made with them. You can stack them to make a sofa, a table, or whatever else you can think of.

Tables and chairs

The addition of comfortable tables and chairs will make the marquee more inviting and functional. The size of the furniture should be chosen with the balcony's surface area in mind. Bespoke furniture can help you make the most of a tiny space.

To add atmosphere, use wood panels

The wood panels add a rustic flair to the home while also offering seclusion by keeping inquisitive eyes out. Split panels on shelves can be purchased and filled with plants or objects, a painted landscape, or customized. The options are limitless.

Appreciate the wall

When it comes to designing a small marquee, one of the most common mistakes is to overlook the walls. Try putting up plant and lamp shelves, hanging board, and using old window frames as temporary shelves.

Lifestyle minimalism

Less is frequently more. Even if you have a little room, it can still be attractive. We all have large furniture and junk that we do not utilize. Mattresses, fake turf, poufs, cushions, and carpets are all good options. You'll make the marquee look bohemian and simple.

Suspend hammocks and swings in place of sofas

It is worth considering using hammocks instead of sofas or chairs. If furniture is left out for lengthy periods of time, it takes up more space and requires care. The hammocks, on the other hand, are modest yet incredibly effective and pleasant.

Make a table out of the parapet

No space for a table? Do not worry, the parapet can be converted into a dining area. You can buy them readymade or custom order them to fit your balcony dimensions. As a result, you can have breakfast or dinner outside while enjoying a spectacular view.

Lighting to set the mood

The power of light can change ordinary existence into something amazing. Using lights will create a magical atmosphere. You can use artificial lighting or go for a more rustic look with lanterns and candles.

Make a workplace out of the marquee

Working from home has been more popular since COVID-19 began. Throughout the year, the marquee can be used as an office. So you can relax and concentrate in a quiet spot. You do not need much furniture; only a chair, a desk, and a little imagination would suffice.

Storage furniture is essential for small balconies.

To make the most of the area, choose furniture with storage drawers, so you only have what you need on the terrace and can take other items out as needed.

Make colour combinations

Colours have the ability to visually expand a space. Dark tones make the atmosphere feel smaller, whilst light tones make it feel more alive. Brightly colored furniture, whether painted or purchased, offers joy.

Converting the balcony into a fitness center

Going to the gym can be challenging at times. However, you may go without leaving your house if you use a rug, dumbbells, or an exercise bike to turn your patio into a makeshift gym.

Replacement floor

The ambience of a space is greatly influenced by the flooring. Try placing a separate floor on your balcony/marquee to set it apart from the rest of the property. You could, for example, install a wooden-look floor (deck type) and create a rustic nook.

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