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Here's the colour you should paint the kitchen with in 2022!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

According to Google Search data, analyzed by colour trend experts for 2022, there is a tone that has seen a 19% increase in searches over the past year.

"The yellow tones represent optimism and happiness"

If one of your new years resolutions for 2022 is to decorate your home with a splash of paint. According to the experts, home buyers analyzed Google Search data to find out what the top colour trends are for next year, and concluded that sunny shades have seen aspike in searches, with yellow tones coming out on top.

Specialists have seen a 19% increase in searches for "yellow shades for the kitchen" during the last year. "The yellow tones represent optimism and happiness, so they are the perfect choice to promote positive emotions at home", and "as the kitchen is the first (division) that you go to in the morning, it is important to choose a shadow that wakes you up and starts the day on a positive note."

Still, it should be noted, there are many ways to incorporate this trend into your kitchen, from yellow walls, to adding small notes via accessories and appliances.

In other rooms of the home, we recommend using dark tones, such as a dark plum. It should be noted that searches for "purpleroom" increased by 22%.

"Rich purple tones begin to appear again for the winter months. Deep plums are indulgent, perfect for any room where you want to cocoon away".

What about the living room?

Opt for warm green-gray and neutral tones, experts reveal. "When thined out enough, green can be as neutral as beige without beingdull," they explain. This is because "green has 'calming' properties because it mimics nature so closely. So it's ideal for a living room, creating an environment where you can relax."

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