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Cleaning tips for the home.

It takes a lot of work to keep a house tidy and organised. Learn the finest cleaning and organising methods for your home here with us.

Even though January has come and gone, if your New Years resolutions for 2023 is to keep the house cleaner and more organised, or if you want to learn all the tricks to organising and housekeeping, you have come to the correct place.

Housekeeping and planning

It goes without saying that maintaining a tidy and organised home is no simple task. Especially considering how tedious cleaning the house can be. It is also true that maintaining a clean space is made more difficult on busy and chaotic days.

Where should you begin with the cleaning?

There are simple things you can do every day to maintain your home tidy and organised:

  • Establish a routine: To start, develop a plan. Make a list of everything you need to do while keeping in mind the time you have available. The work can be divided up into weekdays. Your availability and working hours will determine everything. You can, however, develop a cleaning calendar for 2023 to simplify your life.

  • It is crucial to open the windows every day to let the air in and keep the house smelling fresh;

  • Before you leave the house, making sure that all the beds are made makes the individual spaces feel and look more tidy and organised.

  • To keep the surrounding areas of the home tidy start by gathering things that are left lying around the house, such as clothes, dirty dishes, and other items.

  • We should immediately wash or put the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner so that they do not pile up. Accumulation is similar to procrastination in that it never yields positive results.

  • Dust removal: Surfaces, furniture, and televisions all require dusting. It is crucial to remember to wipe down the bathroom sink with water and clean the kitchen countertops with a damp cloth. You can avoid waste buildup in this method.

  • Vacuum or sweep the area after you have dusted. Vacuuming is the preferred method as it removes a lot of dust from the floor. After that, the floor must be washed to get rid of any remaining dust.

Cleaning advice for the home's various rooms


Use a lemon that has been sliced in half and place it in a glass of water to quickly clean the microwave. Once the water has boiled, stop the microwave and wait a minute before removing the glass. You can now pass a damp cloth inside the microwave to remove any fat.

All the dishes you put in the dishwasher should be rinsed in water to remove any potential residue. This is crucial, especially if you are not turning on the dishwasher straight away.

Pay close attention to any liquids you discard; for instance, any sauce-containing leftovers should be placed in one or two bags before being thrown in the rubbish. As a result, any leaks of liquid from the rubbish bags are avoided.


To prevent water stains in the shower, coat the entire length with a thin layer of car wax and let it dry for a few minutes. The purpose of the wax is to keep the glass separate from the water and prevent discoloration.

To clean the tile joints, simply combine water and baking soda to form a paste, which you can apply with an old toothbrush.

House cleaning in general

The idea of cleaning can seem like a major hassle. However below are a few ideas to help you maintain a clean home.

You want to maintain your home tidy and hair-free but you have pets. Using a rubber glove, it is simple to remove any hairs from carpets and sofas. Simply put on the glove and run your hand over any hair to make it stick to the glove.

Little actions can have a big impact. It will be simpler if you adopt habits that make daily life easier for you, including setting days for duties.

You can enlist the little ones' assistance in keeping their area tidy and establish simple daily routines like assisting to set up or lift the table.

Recycling products

Shoe boxes are a wonderful recycling idea because you can reuse them and they are durable, but you must identify them first. Sturdy ice cream pots and plastic boxes are other options you have when it comes to categorising your things.

How to organize the house?

Everything has a place: Each object has a specific location, and you should always return it to that location after use. To keep the house orderly, this is crucial.

When washing clothes, prevent pieces from building up: Select a day (or several) and a few times during the week to complete this activity. Keep in mind that you should have a laundry basket where you can place the items you will be washing next.

After that, it is critical that you fold and put it away in the relevant places. This is crucial because sometimes people lose control and allow things to build up.

If you have dishes that are chipped, throw them away. If you have clothes that do not fit, donate or sell them.

Categorize everything: The more things are split, the more organised the home is. For instance, in the desk drawer use boxes to separate your office supplies like pencils, markers, pens, and so forth.

Finding a system that works makes it simpler to establish routines and habits that enable you to keep your home organised at all times.

House cleaning: what tasks should you look for help for?

We can also think about hiring service companies for the tasks that require a lot of effort and heavy lifting, such as washing walls, floors, windows, carpets or sofas. You should perform this at least once a year.

You can now put all of these cleaning advice to use around the house.

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