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Christmas Decoration for 2021

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

After a troubled year we wish to have a breath of fresh air with the arrival of Christmas. This year Christmas will have a special touch, we can finally be with our loved ones and celebrate as a family this date that is so special to us and symbolizes unity and renewal.

After an exhausting 2020, we are very happy to be able to plan a happier December and be able to dream again about christmas decoration. Christmas 2021 will inspire feelings of hope and happiness and more than ever we are excited to be able to find out what Christmas decorating trends are for 2021.

Christmas 2021, brings fruit-inspired colors, asymmetrical textures and many decorative threads designed to adorn Christmas trees. New trends emerge, but the famous Christmas traditions around the world remain.

Trends in Christmas Trees

With environmental concern, it is increasingly common to opt for artificial trees, which are increasingly presented with more quality and realism.

In artificial trees, the trend falls on those that bring their own led or fiber optic illuminated branches, which are small filaments that change color when having the Christmas tree connected to electricity, are called high tech.

Asymmetric decorative pieces

Trees made of asymmetrical pieces of wood will be able to decorate the entrance of your home or a wall that deserves prominence, concomitantly the branches and decorative LED threads continue to be trendin 2021 as a way to add a touch of festive decoration to various areas of the home, including the outside areas.

Colour trends for Christmas 2021

Silvers bring the glow of the star that guided the wise men. This colour also brings to the home the memory of winter and snow. Silver can be combined with other soft colours if you want to create an atmosphere in pastel tones. Metallic tones in small decorative notes are also welcome.

Gold will never cease to be the icon of Christmas decoration, this year the most closed gold tones are on the rise, and recall the gift offered to the baby Jesus by the wise men. The shades of gold will be responsible for adding a warmth when contrasting with the other Christmas tones such as the fruity red tones.

Fruity Tones

Gold colour can be combined perfectly with shades of raspberry, plum, red apple and red grapes. These shades of darker red will be on the rise, and will be an alternative to the traditional bright red. These shades will be perfect to create a dramatic atmosphere, add hints of green tones to give the final Christmas touch. Rosy tones will also be on the rise in the 2021 Christmas decorations.

Heavenly and soft tones

The heavenly tones in their various variations of blue, perfectly combine with the silver décor. From nature, also the shades of light green to darker green, the earthy tones will also be in vogue in the Christmas decoration of 2021.

If you like more sober decorations the Scandinavian style may be an option. In this style very much in vogue in the last two years, matte tones and variations of white gain prominence, providing a more clean aspect to the environment.

To add depth and differentiation, use a combination of various soft white tones combined with textured beige and white tones, creating the feeling of lightness. Lights and candles are welcome to create a warm touch.

Christmas Tree Skirts

What's a Christmas tree skirt? A Christmas tree skirt can be described as a cape, a lower ring to the base of the tree, a basket, a blanket or a protection, which all have the same purpose, i.e. hide or cover the base of the tree (the trunk) that usually does not have a very aesthetic look.

The Christmas tree skirt will provide a cohesive and organized appearance, it will also be useful to protect the floor of your home, in case the tree looses its needles or pieces of wood.

Tree skirts are available in a variety of materials and styles, braided straw, sisal, wooden baskets, jute skirts, acrylic, metal or plastic vases, etc. Surely you will find a material that matches your Christmas décor and your color palette, regardless of whether you are decorating a natural or artificial Christmas tree.

Natural Flowers for Christmas Decoration 2021

Christmas can not be without a beautiful decoration with natural flowers. The current trend is to display beautiful flowers arrangement inside your homes, especially as a centerpiece on the Christmas table.

The Christmas wreath for the door can not be forgotten. Whether you place it outdoors or prefer to place it indoors, a garland of natural and cheerful flowers, it's a beautiful way to make you feel festive and get into the Christmas mood.

Natural foliage combined with neutral flowers in white tones, beige, light pink, associated with natural succulents, will give a touch of magic and vivacity to the garland of Christmas flowers.

As we had to keep the celebrations to a minimum last year, in 2021 we cannot wait to use as much Christmas decoration as possible in our homes. This year the "less is more" does not enter, now it is the turn of the "more is more". Let's draw inspiration from flowers to revive hope within us.

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