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8 Ideas for Integrating Macrame Pieces into your home

Macrame is one of the most obvious trends at a time when it is well-known that everything that was in style in the 1970s is making a comeback. Traditional design has been gaining popularity alongside a more varied ornamental style, which has led to the emergence of several artisans that enchant us with their creations.

Macrame is a hand-made weaving method that uses knots and was originally used to make fringes and bars for bed linens, towels, and curtains. The macrame pieces provide a delightful accent to any setting by adding fresh layers and textures that enhance the decor while also making it feel more unhurried and natural.

Come and see how to incorporate macrame items into the interior design of your home.

1. Macrame can help with dividing a space

Macrame components that accomplish this goal for example are pieces at you can place at the foot of the bed, this serves as both ornamental accents and a split effect without obstructing space or light. You may easily implement this concept in your home.

2. Suspended chair in macrame

Both children and adults like a macrame chair that is suspended in the air. It might be included in the living room, a bedroom, on a balcony, terrace, or even in the garden. Add some blankets and pillows to it to complete the look, and finish the room off with a plant, a lovely frame on the wall, or a string of decorative lights!

3. Garland in macrame

There are many different options available when it comes to macrame wall decorations. Macrame garlands are ideal for establishing a fantastic atmosphere, for instance in a childs bedroom! The garland is mixed with a tipi tent and other decorative items that have rich, organic textures in this concept.

4. Macrame vase supports

Nothing is more traditional in this decorating style than a macrame plant support. With green leaves showing through the textured white and twisted cable, the result is clean and uncluttered. These plant supports come in a variety of colors and embellishments, including wooden beads, and you can even learn how to construct your own support!

5. Macrame outside

Of course, macrame plant supports can be used to decorate your balcony or terrace. This is an option to think about if you have a small balcony where you can't lay pots on the floor. Additionally, it praises the ornamentation of the area without overcrowding it. A terrace's boho-style furnishings, which include macrame accents that go wonderfully with the plants, woods, and vibrant pillows.

6. Shelf suspended in macrame

We adore the inventiveness of this tiny shelf hanging by macrame strings. Small vases placed on the shelf add a touch of freshness and lightness any area. This item also gives its surroundings a certain fairytale magic, similar to a dangling swing.

7. Antique tiles

Several uses for this handmade approach are possible. The ingenuity of each individual sets the boundaries. You can add vintage mosaics or tiny tiles to your macrame creations. Make something original!

8. A simple and inexpensive way to decorate the walls

If you want to decorate your surroundings simply and cheaply, wall hangings made of macrame are a great solution. Depending on your taste and decor style, you can choose garlands, macrame panels, or dream catchers that are more or less elaborated. Macramé can, for instance, appear as a contrasting detail in a minimalist decor, but it looks particularly excellent in surroundings with a bohemian, eclectic, or rustic design aesthetic.

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