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7 easy and cheap ways to create a joyful home environment

Our house is a reflection of our lives and emotions. Have you ever noticed that your home appears more chaotic and even your plants seem to change colour, as if they were feeling sad too, when you are more anxious or stressed? We provide you some guidance so that this does not occur and your home is filled with positive vibes.

Organize and tidy up

When we arrived home and noticed that everything is messy and unclean, we became anxious. Even more so if we work from home. Nothing is more annoying than needing something and not being able to find it. You can organise your home with the aid of a few items, including:

  • Shelves;

  • Storage boxes;

  • Office furniture with drawers.

Give wings to imagination

You can also use handmade or items that reflect your personality to decorate your home. By applying a little of the Japanese ikigai mentality, you can decorate your home with a vase you have made or hang an artwork you created in art class.

A little greenery

Plants are thought to provide peace and good energy. They also improve concentration and air quality, too. There are many things you may do at home to make your surroundings greener and more natural. The Rib of Adam, also known as Strelitizia nicolai, is one of the plants that are "must haves" in 2023.

Light-attracting colours

When considering a cheerful décor for our home that draws harmony and peace, we immediately think of the numerous Nordic styles, including the "lagom" style. This way of thinking attempts to bring light into our home. To do this, all you need is an area of your home where you can create a space and use things that boost light and express tranquilly to the atmosphere, such whites, greys, or earth tones.

Joyful morning rituals

Your state of mind can be influenced by how you get up and begin your day. So, it is crucial to establish specific morning routines that will make your day happier.

  • Open the Windows;

  • Make the bed;

  • Meditate;

  • Drink your coffee or tea quietly at a location you have chosen or where you feel comfortable; and

  • Write down the first three ideas that come to mind in a notepad.

Unique wallpaper

Choose a different wallpaper if you want to make a small change to the interior design of your home but are not sure where to begin. You can select a paper with toucans and banana leaves to evoke a more exotic atmosphere. Choose a paper with birds and flowering trees if you want a more springlike setting. Let your ideas flow, and if you like the outcome, you can always divide anything up more.

A different entry hall

The entrance to your home is the hallway. As it is the first location we see, it needs to be stylish and up to date. You can attach a hook to hold your jackets or a storage bench to keep stuff in. You can also include the mirror that will be the deciding factor. You only need to imprint your preferences on your surrounds to transform your house into a joyful place.

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