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10 Decoration Ideas For Easter

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

After the usual egg hunt for the little ones (and sometimes the slightly older ones), Easter celebrations are always a convivial time in which we like to prepare and congregate around the family table!

So, if you want your Easter décor to wow your guests, we have compiled a list of products and accessories that will complement your theme.

1. Floral touch for your table

If you want stunning festive tables but want something a little less traditional, skip the bunnies and chicks and go for a greener theme! Why not dress up your table with a lovely eucalyptus table runner and some ornamental white eggs? Small vases loaded with golden blossoms and other spring flowers can also be placed on your table!

Another idea is to make an Easter tree-style centerpiece on which to hang your decorative eggs.

You may even make little nests out of twigs, wicker, or atrophy, and decorate them with painted eggs and feathers!

2. Beautiful China

Bring out your finest china and use it to set the table for Easter. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and it is pointless to keep crystals and porcelain for a lifetime and never use them. Your table will soon resemble something you would see in a magazine.

3. A beautiful towel

In addition to your Easter décor, a lovely, clean, and pressed towel is essential. Choose cloth napkins as well, this is far more refined and subtle.

Tip: You can build napkin rings out of ribbon and flowers, or you can experiment with other napkin folding techniques. Pinterest has a plethora of alternatives.

4. Decorate with candles

Candles evoke images of light, life, and warmth. So decorate your Easter table, as well as your garden, with a few candles.

You can even use LED candles, which will stay lit for longer and will not cause any mishaps.

5. Place the food in serving dishes

Instead of having food platters on your table, serve your meals on individual plates to create an Easter lunch to remember. It has a very elegant and wonderful feel to it.

6. A buffet table

Creating a buffet table is a popular and entertaining idea. You have the option of setting up a dessert table. This way, on Easter Sunday, each guest can serve them selves throughout the afternoon.

7. Change the cushion covers

Replace your cushion covers with more of a Spring feel, such as florals, birds, or chicks, to adorn your home with the current theme. Cushions can even be used to beautify your yard or deck!

8. Sugar covered Almonds are a must!

Sugar almonds are a must-have for Easter! It is a delectable adornment that everyone will appreciate. Put them in a lovely egg-shaped bowl. They are not only lovely to look at, but they are also delicious.

9. Special vases

The use of vases to hold plants is a lovely idea that can be utilized to beautify your home all year, not just at Easter. These lovely pieces are excellent investments because they adapt to a wide range of themes and do not require constant replacement.

10. Easter Bunnies!

Easter bunnies should not be overlooked. They could be made of chocolate or ceramic. Place some in and around your table centerpiece or throughout your home to create the ideal ambiance.

Enjoy this time with your loved ones, Happy Easter!

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